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Welcome to Ear Reconstruction.com It is imperative that when a child is born with a birth defect, the parents be educated and reassured by an experienced and knowledgeable doctor. The right doctor can empower parents with the understanding that much can be done to help their child have a natural appearance and live a normal life.

Dr. Romo cares deeply about these kids. He dedicates his talents and years of experience to protecting youngsters from the isolation and ridicule of growing up with a facial deformity. He devotes himself to providing children with surgical solutions that will improve their lives forever. What parent doesn’t want to spare their child the extremely painful and emotionally scarring experience of growing up estranged from their peers?

Dr. Romo’s approach is minimally invasive and can be completed in one or two surgeries. Specializing in Rapid Recovery™ Dr. Romo insures a kinder, gentler experience.

“Reconstruction of a congenital facial birth defect is one of the most gratifying of all surgeries.” says Dr. Romo. “The transformation of young, shy children into proud, self-confident youngsters is truly amazing.”

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